Simon finds the man with the parashute Who everyone think that it was the beast at the time. So he takes the parasshute off of the man to bring to everyone to show it was just a man a not a beast that they saw. Piggy and Ralph went to the tribe we’re everyone was […]

Ralph hides in the jungle and thinks miserably about the chaos that has overrun the island. He thinks about the deaths of Simon and Piggy and realizes that all vestiges of civilisation have been stripped from the island. He stumbles across the sow’s head, the Lord of the Flies, now merely a gleaming white skull—as […]

Piggy and Ralph were talking about what they saw earlier. They thought it was the beast and Ralph said it had teeth. But they didn’t know what to do about it. They were arguing about the signal fire. Jack had the conch and he was talking about the beast and what they have to do. […]

The boys went out hunting and they are looking really scruffy “yet half, much to long, tangled here and there”. They have gone to hunt or find the big pig the sow. This could be to have a big feast and to make sure that they all eat. It was hot that day and Ralph […]

ralph gets angry about his hair and they have had a assembly and they are talking about life with the boys and talk about stuff on the island like the jungle they have rufed to work at buliding shelters or expand on them. each other of them are trying to convice there are monsters on […]

Do I think tat Perez is the striker for Arsenal no but has potential he has shown that he has potential by scoring goals against the top 3 sides in the liga bbva and now could be a suggestion on playing in champions league because giroud getting a red card aginst PSG but sanchez could […]

I don’t think that technology is bad for the English language because there has been a lot of development on technology now in the likes of emojis or the slang word but quick to write other than writing a whole paragraph also there has been more communication been used by slang because you have different […]